TA0134: The Irritated People

The Irritated People

Ray Bradbury

Michael Scott

The Irritated People appeared as one of the short stories in THRILLING WONDER STORIES in December 1947. This futuristic story starts with Charles Crossley, President of American Jet-Propelled Ships, devising various irritating strategies to stop the European Tri-Union from making bombs in secret that violate the treaty governed by The World Organization. Of course, not to be outdone, the Tri-Union devises counter irritants to combat the waves or irritations brought on by Charles Crossley and the United States. At first reading, the story sounds childlike as the proponents begin to irritate each other’s countries with outlandish annoyances. Yet, in The Irritated People Ray Bradbury again uses the magic of futuristic science fiction, mixed with unconventional humor, to provide a comical account of the type of political games countries play with one another to establish dominance. This delightful story is another enticing look at human nature in all its nonsensical glory.

The idea is to only irritate others.

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Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) stands as a literary giant, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to science fiction and fantasy. Born in Illinois, his career spanned seven decades, producing a rich body of work that left an indelible mark on the genre.

“Fahrenheit 451,” a masterpiece published in 1953, remains one of Bradbury’s most celebrated creations. This dystopian tale chillingly depicted a future society where books were banned, and firemen burned them. It served as a stark warning about the dangers of censorship and the power of literature to ignite minds.

“The Martian Chronicles,” published in the 1950s, was a collection of interconnected stories exploring humanity’s colonization of Mars. Through its imaginative narratives, Bradbury delved into themes of loneliness, cultural clashes, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of the unknown.

Bradbury’s poetic prose and ability to blend science fiction with profound philosophical and societal insights set him apart. He explored the impact of technology, the human condition, and the enduring importance of storytelling itself. His influence transcends generations, inspiring writers and readers alike to contemplate the boundless possibilities of the imagination. Ray Bradbury’s legacy continues to thrive as his works continue to shape the literary landscape and provoke contemplation on the human experience and the mysteries of the universe.