As the world moves toward more complex interactions, one of the most fundamental aspects of humanity is to enjoy its thoughts and its great works. Our journey has always been one of making classic literature available to anyone willing to listen, and now in this next phase, to expand our scope to include more thinkers, writers and essayists. Although thinking may not seem as relevant today, with advancing technology providing alternative vehicles of entertainment, we are committed to bringing a small part of intellectual enjoyment to the globe.


In the Shade
Beneath a Willow Tree
by Pez di Spencer
(Travis James Keyes)

The Monkey's Paw
by W.W. Jacobs


The Unrest Cure

by Voltaire

Alice in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll

The Mysterious Stranger
by Mark Twain

Difficult People
by Anton Chekhov

The Music on the Hill

Main Street
by Sinclair Lewis

Where Angels
Fear to Tread

by E.M. Forster

The Words of Christ
From the Book of Matthew

The Kingdom of God
is Within You

by Leo Tolstoy

Call of the Wild
by Jack London


To Build a Fire
by Jack London


The Happy Prince
by Oscar Wilde


by Franz Kafka

The Camel's Back
F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Kybalion
by Three Initiates


Bartleby the Scrivner
by Herman Melville


A Letter to a Hindu
by Leo Tolstoy

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Comedy Square
The Infinite Real
Estate Boom


Don Quixote
by Miguel de Cervantes


Thus Spoke Zarathustra
by Friedrich Nietzsche


by Ayn Rand

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Heart of Darkness
by Joseph Conrad


War of the Worlds
by H.G. Wells


The Art of War
by Sun Tzu


by Herman Hesse

The Prince
by Nicollo Machiavelli


Around the World
in 80 Days

by Jules Verne


The Red Badge
of Courage

by Stephen Crane


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Quotations of
Mahatma Gandhi


The Offshore Pirate
by F.Scott Fitzgerald


A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens


The Fall of the
House of Usher

by Edgar Allan Poe

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