TA0097: The Offshore Pirate

The Offshore Pirate

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Michael Scott

This short story begins on a yacht anchored off the Florida coast where a young woman, Ardita, and her Uncle are engaged in a heated discussion about her dating decisions. Ardita, independent and stubborn, is set on marrying a young man who her uncle believes does not have the highest character values. She refuses to leave the yacht they are on to go to town with him and meet someone who he believes is a better match for her. So she stays behind. But while he is gone, the boat is overtaken by a band of pirates. Ardita is unwilling to surrender the vessel so they take her to sea with them and that is where the rest of the story unfolds. This short story is from the book “Flappers & Philosophers”


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fitzgerald2F. Scott Fitzgerald

The 1920’s, also known as the Jazz Age, were wild times, and Francis Scott Fitzgerald was its king. Although he led a wild and luxurious lifestyle, Fitzgerald was known more for his prominent works of literature, which have gained a permanent place among the American classics. This CD set contains two short stories from his book Tales of the Jazz Age, which reflect the era and lifestyle of which Fitzgerald was accustomed.