TA0091: The Dead

The Dead

James Joyce

Michael Scott

The main character in this short story is Gabriel Conroy and the entire short story takes place during his attendance at a holiday party, annually thrown by his aunts. Near the end of the party Gabriel sees his wife, Gretta, in a new and expanded way at the same moment when she is reminiscing on a song being sung at the party. Listen as James Joyce weaves harsh realities back into this story, as is characteristic with other stories in this series, Dubliners.


ThoughtAudio PDF Transcript: TA0091_TheDead_JamesJoyce.pdf


joyceJames Joyce

James Joyce is an Irish author best known for his epic novel Ulysses, as well as his collection of short stories titled Dubliners. His Irish experiences form a basis for his writings and his short story collection is said to be a penetrating analysis of the stagnation and paralysis of Dublin Society.