TA0067: Around the World in Eighty Days


Around the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne

Michael Scott

This is an entertaining and light story about Phileas Fogg, a wealthy bachelor who makes a wager with a friend at his club regarding how long it would take for a person to circumnavigate the globe. Not wanting to lose his bet, he immediately embarks on a trip around the world with his valet Passepartout. Follow along on their extravagant adventure on a number of fascinating transportation modes that must be fully completed within 80 days or the bet is lost.


ThoughtAudio Transcript: TA0067_AroundtheWorld_JulesVerne.pdf


VerneJules Verne
The Father of Science Fiction

Jules Verne is a French author best known for his fantastical science fiction novels, many which contained visionary concepts and machines well before they had actually been invented.