TA0019: Great American Indian Stories

TA0019-AmericanIndianGreat American Indian Stories

Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa)

Michael Scott

The lives of the American Indian, as written by Charles Eastman, come to life as they wrestle with the intrusion of the “White Man” and their own survival. You will enjoy this glimpse into the Old West from the perspective of the 19th Century American Indian.

VOLUME ONE: The Grave of the Dog, The Famine, The Chief Soldier

VOLUME TWO: The Singing Spirit, The White Man’s Errand, The Madness of Bald Eagle


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eastmanCHARLES EASTMAN (Ohiyesa)
Charles Eastman is a unique figure in American literature, thought, and life. Charles Eastman was born Ohiyesa, into the Sioux tribe and lived in the ancient, nomadic way that his ancestors had lived for centuries, free of reservations and the dominant society that was encroaching everywhere.

By the end of his life, he had become a certified MD, had published many successful books read all around the world, had helped establish the Boy Scouts, had worked ceaselessly to promote the well being of American Indian tribes, and had been perhaps the most important force in interpreting for the general public the spiritual depth and greatness of the American Indian tradition, then disappearing rapidly.