TA0112: Papercut Reflections

Papercut Reflections

Michael Anthony Scott

Michael Scott

Papercut Reflections is a humorous story about the clash between dreams and reality with a large dose of denial in achieving dreamscape objectives. The narrator finds his calling as a writer when he reads THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA in the seventh grade. He falls more in love with the celebrity trappings successful writers have and isn’t quite in-tune with the mechanics of becoming a great writer.

His father is massively rich, acting as a backdrop to his persistent striving to become a great writer. He is a well-liked individual, as we follow him through middle-school, high school, college, and finally his job in his father’s business. He makes an excessive salary with all the perks that come with having a rich dad and working in his successful financial business.

Our protagonist finally achieves some success crafting a novel, but finds the reception to his work slightly disheartening. Not discouraged, he continues working as a writer and finds contentment in his role discovering his hidden talents. The story is an insight into how our personal lives may become shrouded with living for the glitter and not the hard work that goes along with it, regardless of one’s real-life settings. No matter what, the story is a fun ride alongside a charming character and his ability to turn obstacles into success, however limited.


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Michael Anthony Scott

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